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Cara Marrs Wellness

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Meet Cara Marrs

Functional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Hello and welcome to Cara Marrs Wellness~ 

I have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 2008 and have operated a thriving private practice for 11 years in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I work with clients in my mountain office, as well as all over the country via distance. I studied nutrition at Colorado State University for my undergrad, and Central Michigan University for grad school. In 2007 I had the honor to complete my training and internship at the Mayo Clinic where I saw the concept of an integrative model of health care first hand. In 2010 I became a certified LEAP therapist trained to work with food sensitivities, and although I have worked in the realm of functional medicine for many years, I am currently studying to become a certified functional medicine nutrition provider. I love delivering information and motivation through public speaking, and am available for corporate, private, and group nutrition and wellness talks in addition to my private consultations 

As an athlete, educator, and certified health care practitioner I can help you bridge the gap between traditional and alternative nutrition therapies and formulate a plan for you as an individual. 


Meet Cara
Why Naturopathy

Why Nutrition?

It can help with


It all starts with gut health. We will assess your health history and help you address gut health from top to bottom

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Heart health, diabetes, thyroid conditions, kidney disease, gastrointestinal issues, and prenatal nutrition. I will work with your medical providers to help provide nutrition support

Functional Medicine Labs

*Mediator release testing

*Micronutrient testing

*Supplement review

Food Sensitivities

Do you suffer from gut issues, migraines, joint pain, skin conditions, or brain fog? You may have food sensitivities

Click here for more information on Leap MRT.

Weight Loss

Fad diets don't work. Let's get you off the diet rollercoaster, and on a plan that can last a lifetime while cultivating a better relationship with food

Sports Nutrition

Optimize sports performance through in depth nutrition counseling from an endurance athlete who understands your needs. From beginners to elites, we will address your individual needs on foot, bike, skis, and more. Click here for more information on Sports Nutrition.

"Eat (real) food, not too much, mostly plants."

~Michael Pollan

Your Health Starts Here

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Contact Info

Physical Address

970 - 846 - 6268

57 10th Street Suite C, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487


Colorful Food
Succulent Plant and Binder Clips
Public Speaking
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