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Welcome to Sports Nutrition

It matters, it really does, nutrition is the base upon which to build your strength. You have probably heard the old adage that nutrition is 80% of general health, and fitness is 20%. A version of that holds true when we talk about your athletic endeavors as well. Whether you are trying to run your first 10k or half marathon, or your first hundred miler, I can help you get ready for the challenge. I have worked with athletes of all calibers from beginners to elites, and everyone in between. I have helped triathletes reach national and world age group showings, as well as help clients become ironwomen and men, finish hundred milers, rise to the national stage in endurance mountain biking and everything in between. When you are consulting with someone about sports nutrition and training, I would suggest asking them about their own background and experience in that realm. I have been some form of athlete for most of my life. Growing up it was tennis and my whole family was competitive in that realm, with my amazing mother being ranked in the state of South Carolina well into her 50's.  As I grew up and moved out west my sports pursuits involved more hiking and peak climbing until I broke my ankle very seriously in 1994. That was a big event in my life and lead me to more consistent running. With a healing broken ankle I found my way to an abandoned school track across the street from my house when I was in college in Fort Collins, Colorado. I hobbled around that track once knowing that I needed the even surface for stability. I went back the next day, and the next, and eventually ran my first race the next year, the Bolder Boulder. Upon moving to Steamboat Springs in 1997 I started trail running and running the Steamboat Springs Running Series races, a series I have now been part of directing and organizing for 11 years. I eventually ran my first marathon at Chicago in 2002 with a wonderful friend and its still one of my most heartfelt memories in running. Such a sense of accomplishment and wonder at what the body can do. In the 23 years Ive been living in the mountains skiing in all forms has been a big part of my life and its a true passion, from downhill, uphill, touring, and xc. Ive savored the trails on foot, skis and mountain bike. After the marathon, I began to increase my mileage and distance in the coming years and I finished my first 50 miler 10 months after my son was born. I have since run dozens and dozens of trail marathons, 50k's, 50 milers, and 100k's, and a road marathon a year for many years. I love the trail running community and its a constant source of friendship and beauty. I have toed the line at six mountain 100 milers since then, in California, Colorado, and Wyoming and Montana. My last 2 were my most successful from an enjoyment, recovery, and energy standpoint, and that is despite heading into my late 40's. It takes patience, nutrition savvy, and experience to start to dial in that distance, and I am excited to start my 7th this year in the Wasatch mountains September. Nutrition for such events is individualistic, but its starts with a good base of health and knowledge. Then we go into specifics of weather, climate of training and racing, food sensitivities that might impair you consuming certain products, timing, hydration, goals, life schedule, and volume. I can help you take your sports to the next level so lets get started! 

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