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What people say about Cara...

"Over the past two years the health of my skin was in an unstoppable decline. I was covered in rashes, hives, eczema, patches of inflammation, and more.  I went to many dermatologists who took skin biopsies, prescribed strong steroids, sold me supplements, and ran many many tests - nothing helped and no useful diagnosis was ever made. My skin was in terrible shape and I itched constantly. My skin was a horrible mess and despite being a very fit person my lifestyle and daily existence was compromised by this awful skin condition.  I had rashes on my face, back, legs, ears, feet, hips, arms, elbows - the misery was everywhere.

A friend in town suggest I talk with Cara Marrs because he had a good outcome working with her to solve some of his own stuff. I made an appointment, shipped off some blood, went on a 3 phase elimination diet and took some probiotics.  They say skin can be very slow to heal (6-12 months) but within 4-6 weeks I was clearing up and now 8 weeks later I am almost 100% rash free and skin is more durable and healthy.  The ONLY thing I changed was the food I eat to achieve this outcome. Cara's food reactivity test was eye opening and I carry my bad foods card with me everywhere.  Don't think you can cheat once you clear up...this is a forever thing if you want lasting results.

No medical doctor was able to fix, or even identify, my persistent problem. I recently learned that the smartest person I know (MD/PHD) eats almost exactly the same way I do and had the same results. 

I am not vegan or paleo or pescetarian - I am just eating what works for me.  I feel less inflamed overall and more healthy than ever.  My athletic performance, sleep, mood, and outlook are all improved.

Cara is a wonderful healer and friend. She saved the day."

"I had been suffering from an itchy rash on my scalp for some 5 years and had tried everything I knew about to eradicate it. I learned about the LEAP testing and thought it couldn’t hurt to try something new. As a result of following the anti-inflammatory diet Cara recommended based on my specific blood results, I was able to significantly reduce the irritation. While it has not gone away completely,  I also experienced other tremendous side benefits as a result of the new diet. Inflammation and joint pain in my body overall decreased or even went away in some instances. I felt a lot more energized and have lost weight in the process. Recently, I went away with friends and did not follow my anti-inflammatory, LEAP recommended diet and woke up after the weekend and felt positively toxic. Initially I thought I had the flu. Then I recounted what I had eaten and realized the toxicity I was feeling was my base level  for how I felt every day prior to following the LEAP diet. I highly recommend this experience. What useful knowledge to have as I grow older and know what works specifically for me. 

~ Shari Fryer,
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

~ J, Steamboat Springs

"LEAP testing with Cara was really valuable to my health and fitness. I had determined that I was gluten and soy intolerant but knew that there must be something else. The leap testing showed me that there were more foods I needed to avoid to experience maximum health. The amazing thing about the LEAP testing is how individualized it is. My ideal diet may not be anyone else's ideal diet. There were a couple of unexpected side effects as well. I no longer need the full knee replacement I needed three years ago, I have dropped 15 pounds and I am stronger and have more endurance than before. I highly recommend the testing.

~C.H. Steamboat Springs

 "The LEAP testing really worked for me.  I had terrible bloating, headaches, fatigue, diarrhea and extra weight that I couldn’t shed no matter what I did.  After the LEAP test and results, I followed Cara’s recommendations to the letter.  Wow!  What a difference!!!  I had energy galore, lost some weight….and the headaches, bloating and diarrhea simply disappeared!  During the cleansing period, I was never hungry.  In fact, I learned that I actually needed to eat more!  Just different foods. I’ve learned so much – from meal portions to scrumptious recipes.  I thought I’d die if I couldn’t eat bread (my favorite food ever!) – but I have discovered some wheat free / gluten free breads that are to die for delicious!  Homemade and store bought.  It’s amazing what’s out there today. I had no idea that what I ate was what made me feel so badly.  The LEAP program is miraculous and I highly recommend it.

~ S.S., Steamboat Springs

"I live in a rural town with limited choices in medical assistance. I am 50 years old, obese, have high cholesterol, higher glucose levels than desired and have a family history of diabetes and heart disease. After years of trying to improve my health with no results, I saw Cara’s ad and we met. Cara analyzed my personal system requirements, likes and dislikes of certain foods, my blood work results and nutrition and exercise requirements. The plan Cara created for me was very personally tailored to my needs. Since it all involves food I like to eat, even as picky as I am, I can stick with this plan without feeling like I am dieting. She has provided me with fun recipes and I am really enjoying learning to cook all over again. Even though I work full time and spend a great amount of time on the road commuting to work, Cara has found solutions that allow for the food preparation, meal planning and shopping to fit my schedule.

Cara is readily available to me if I have any questions in my plan and even took me on a grocery shopping trip to give me a hands on lesson on how to choose the best foods. The fact that she works together with Sarah my trainer is a huge bonus since Sarah is familiar with Cara’s methods and plans and vice versa. Cara’s background and training has provided a much higher level of expertise in this area than I have been able to find in the past.

I started my plan a few days before Thanksgiving and by the end of January I successfully lost 25 lbs and plan to reach my goal of 30 lbs. within 3 months of beginning my adventure. I have been able to accomplish this without taking any cholesterol medication and may soon be off of the glucose medicine.

With Cara’s help I have been able to put my mind and heart into this new life and as a result my body has followed the path. I feel so much better and have so much more energy and look forward to the rest of my weight melting off.

Thanks Cara for helping to change my life for the better! (If not saving it!).

~ KD 

“As a longtime professional skier and sponsored athlete I know the importance of being properly fueled. The problem is, I usually just winged it and hoped stuffing my face with what I heard from buzzwords would do the trick - sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn't. Let let me tell you, suffering from the infamous "bonk" in a race is not only physically painful, but mentally painful as well.

I finally decided to go to a nutritionist. A Registered Dietitan who knows the science behind the hype and can tailor programs to specific people for specific needs. I immediately noticed I was more fueled for racing and workouts and was able to recover more quickly and efficiently afterwards. I now know what I need to fuel myself during arduous and extended exercise to maintain performance. On the way to accomplishing my goal of becoming a professional mountain biker, Cara has taken me one huge step closer to accomplishing that goal. Thanks Cara!"

~ NB, Steamboat Springs
Professional Skier, Team Honey Stinger Professional Mountain Biker

"As a professional endurance mountain biker, I must put my body through trials and tribulations that it was not meant for. Not only do I have to be fit and properly trained for these undertakings, I have to have an adequate supply of energy in me and a sustained one at that. I must keep my muscles fueled and constantly recovering from the extreme stresses I am putting my body through or else my body and my results suffer. Nutrition Prescription and Cara Marrs have given me the extra edge I need – the knowledge and the plan of how to keep that gas tank that is me full. Cara has taught me what to eat and when so I don’t fall too deep into the pain cave. I know this for training, but more importantly, she has also developed a plan for me of how I do this for 24 straight hours. With her help, I feel more prepared, and actually am more prepared to take on my marathon events."

~ KC – Professional Mountain Biker

“Now, is it carbs before or after a run?  And then there's protein... what exactly does that do?  What fats and oils are good and which are bad?  How many calories should I be consuming in a day given my activity level and lifestyle?  I had so many nutritional questions and working with Cara has given me the nutritional structure and know-how that I am now implementing into my lifestyle.  I can actually customize my diet to achieve the individual results I am looking for.  If my goals are simply fitting into last years jeans or training for that long run, Cara provides the knowledge and direction that go into reaching your desired result.”

~ Michelle, Steamboat Springs

"I struggled with stomach and intestinal issues for 15 years.  It wasn’t until I found the LEAP Testing option that I was finally able to get my nutrition back on track and reclaim my life.  It was a life changing experience that I would recommend to anyone."

~J.C., Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"I came to a dietician as part of a goal to be the best “me” I can be, inside and out. I was fortunate enough to not only I find a dietician well-versed in her field, I found a fantastic listener and caring person in Cara. I have always been interested in nutrition and found it difficult at times to discern the numerous theories and findings, sometime contradictory, that I heard through the media. Cara has helped lay the groundwork that will be useful to make the right nutrition decisions for the rest of my life. Cara’s understanding of the subject is extensive and the way in which she relays the information to her clients is logical and clear, and with a great sense of humor. Thanks, Cara, for guiding me to improved health that I will always carry with me!"

~ Chrissy

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